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Ribcap Palmer


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The radical Ribcap with a face mask for extreme conditions.


  • easily foldable
  • lowerable face mask
  • adjustable and removable chin straps
  • fold-down peak
  • reflecting band for more safety at dusk and at night
  • washable


High-tech protectors made out of V10 are sewn-in in every Ribcap. These are laminated with a thin layer of high quality shock-absorber SAF which harden at low temperatures.

The laminate V10-SAF has the following characteristics:

  • Energy absorbtion thanks to viscoelastic properties
  • Protection effect also in cold and wet conditons
  • light weight
  • porous and breathable
  • free of solvents


utside: 50% merino wool / 50% acrylic
Inside: fleece
100% breathable


S: 53-55cm
M: 56-58cm
L: 59-61cm

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