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Employee & contacts:

André Bernhard
 X-Dream Fly, Development, Sales, Service, Production
Phone 041 637 09 39, Email info[at]flugsau[dot]ch

Simon Bärtschi
X-Dream Fly, Service, Rescue packing, Production
Phone 041 637 09 39, Email info[at]flugsau[dot]ch

Company history

The Flugsau GmbH was founded by Urs Estermann and André Bernhard in summer 2010. In 2013 Simon Bärtschi joined as associate. „Flugsau“ does not only stand for the passionate relationship to aviation, at a closer look the name is also composed of the initials of the founders Simon, André and Urs.

Already long before the foundation of the company the „Flugsäue“, being enthusiastic pilots themselves, intensively got involved into the subject and continuously brought innovations to the paragliding community. With the label “Acro Zone” they already produced special products for excited paragliding pilots on their own sewing-machines in 2009. The first Acro Harness they developed, the “Acro Zone G1”, was produced at Ava Sport in Montana, Bulgary.

Shortly afterwards, and after the old storage was destroyed in a storm in summer 2011, Flugsau had to look for a new home. After some reconstruction work they could finally put the new machine park into operation in Grafenort... From bartacker to electronic patter sewing-machines to industrial sewing-machines and a laser for precise cuts with high output everything is there to create, in combination with know-how and innovation, even more high class products.

In December 2012 Flugsau completed their range of products by starting the distribution of X-Dream Fly products. Together with the X-Dream Fly team who concentrates itself on the development and production of rescues Flugsau develops and produces new systems, rescue containers, etc.

A new collaboration started in spring 2013 with Chrigel Maurer. When looking fort he best lightweight gear for his 3rd participation at the Redbull X-Alps Chrigel Maurer found at Flugsau the ideal environment and the know-how to develop new groundbreaking lightweight harnesses. Together Flugsau and Chrigel Maurer developed, amongst other, the most lightweight performance harness with integrated rescue container and EN certification.

Besides creating our own products and importing and selling products from X-Dream Fly and Chrigel Maurer products we also offer complete service for all our products. We are specialised in harnesses, backpacks, custom modification and custom products.

Flugsau Crew

l.t.r.: Thomas Koch (support), Lea Hänsenberger (graphics), Simon Bärtschi (owner, production, development), Julia Binkert (graphics), Loni Müller (production), Urs Estermann, Chrigel Maurer (development), André Bernhard (owner, development, production)

Our services:

  • Development & Production
  • Import & Sales
  • Repairs
  • Custom modifications and products
  • Rescue packing & repairs

Showroom and Testcenter:

One minute walking from the landing place und the trainstation Grafenort in the middle of the amazing mountains of the Engelberg valley, Central Switzerland

Opening times Showroom & Testcenter:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday:

10:00 - 12:00 / 13:00 - 17:00
or after phone registration.

Google link: -> Map

Directiony by car:
Turn left from main road at Restaurant Grafenort, the next intersection right (Before Brunniswald / Eschlenalp Cablecar Station).

Postaladress and contact:

Flugsau GmbH
Älplerhaus 3
6388 Grafenort

Tel 041 637 09 39
Mail info[at]flugsau[dot]ch


Videoreport from Air Report (FR) about Flugsau 2012:


Flugsau Products Outdoor Trailer 2011:

Flugsau Team Pilots Trailer 2011:


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