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The Swiss harness and accessory manufacturer in the Engelberg Valley.
Development, sales and production - Made in Switzerland. 

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October 2018 - Flugsau Radio Bag for Wintec 4502

Radio bag to fix your radio to the carabiners of your harness. Compatible with the Wintec 4502.

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February 2018 - Flugsau AcroCover+

The new AcroCover+ is fast pack bag and harness cover in one. Optionally comes with your name stitched on it.

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June 2017 - S-Biner

The small and light safety and material carabiner with two gates

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May 2017 - Gipron Trekking Poles

The following trekking poles from Gipron are now available in our webshop:

-> Mont Blanc Aluminium
-> Mont Blanc Carbon
-> Ferrata

May 2017 - NEO 3 Steps Speedbar

The 3 Steps Speedbar from NEO is light and suitable for light harnesses. It can also be attached to a cocoon harness.

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May 2017 - NEO Cockpit Extension

Make your cockpit larger or increaste its inclination with the cockpit extension from NEO.

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May 2017 - The Stick Pic

Make a camera pole out of your trekking pole. The Stick Pic is now available in two sizes.

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April 2017 - Order now for free!

The first Flugsau product catalog is here. You can order it here for free. If you already are a customer, you already got it.

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January 2017 - Flugsau Pigi E-Light Plus

The Pigi E-Light is now available with airbag and back compartement.

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January 2017 - Flugsau PigiPack

Are you looking for the ideal hike & fly backpack? Have a look at the new Swiss made backpack by Flugsau.

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Januar y2017 - NEO Windsock

The NEO Windsock can be ordered from our web shop as of now.

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December 2016 - Sup'Air Pilot

The super light helmet from Sup'Air is now availbe in the colors petroleum blue/orange and black/grey.

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December 2016 - Basisrausch Gloves

The different gloves from Basisrausch are now also availabe in our shop.

-> Kristall 3S
-> Graphit 3.5S
-> Onyx 4S

October 2016 - Flugsau Safety Strap for Photo Rods

This practical elastic safetly strap for photorods, on one side with a carabiner, is now available in our webshop.

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September 2016 - Flugsau Pigi E-Light

The ultimate light-weight harness by Flugsau. Longliving and robust. Unbeatable in matters of weight and comfort.

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August 2016 - Flugsau Acro Cover

Discover now the new Flugsau Acro Cover, the light and small protection for your rescues and harness.

While stock lasts for the special price of CHF 49.-

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Juni 2016 - Flugsau Twist Lock Carabiner

The new alu carabiner with Flugsau Logo by Edelried. Now availabel.

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Mai 2016 - Quicky

QUICKY iis the revoluationary high end separate system made in Austria. Save if it has to hold up, a very simple handling and very small.

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April 2016 - flyfat.ch POYA/POYA H2

The miniwings POYA and POYA H2 by flyfat.ch are completely produced in Switzerland. We have a test wing for you in our shop.

-> POYA H2

April 2016 - NEO Easy Pack

The super light concertina pack by NEO is available in three sizes in our shop.

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March 2016 - Flugsau Custom Brakes

The Flugsau Custom Brakes are back. Get your very own designed brakes.

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February 2016 - Lurbel Products

For the cold days or long flights now available:

-> Inner Gloves
-> Balaclava

January 2016 - Avasport Tanto Flugsau Edition

The Avasport Tanto is now availabe in the 2016 Flugsau Edition in our shop.
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December 2015 - Flugsau Parabelt

A perfect christmas present for paragliding pilots.

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December 2015 - Flugsau ParaSeat

The perfect christmas present for paragliding pilots.

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November 2015 - Ribcaps

New models and new colors now availabe here

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November 2015 - Flugsau Hoodie

Now available in our shop, the new, warm Flugsau Hoodies in multiple sizes.

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October 2015 - Flugsau Bumbag

The super robust Flugsau Bumgab is here again and can be ordered from the online shop.

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October 2015 - Open Doors

The Open Doors will take place again on the 7th of november. We expect numerous visitors.

August 2015 - Flugsau Caps

Now available different types of Flugsau Caps.

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Juli 2015 - Flugsau Magnetic Mount GoPro 4 Session  

Now availabe is the new Magnetic Mount for the GoPro 4 Session.

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July 2015 - Flugsau Universal Helmet Compartement

Now avilable in our shop is the Flugsau Helmet Compartement. It can be attached to any backpack.

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May 2015 - PigiBi  

first Primaloft tandem harness, 
can be tested now

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May 2015 - Protective Case for GoPro

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March 2015 - Flugsau Frontcontainer ST

Now available in our webshop is our new Flugsau Frontcontainer ST for steerable rescues

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March 2015 - Flugsau Line Packing Help

The new wooden Flugsau Line Packing Help is now availabe in the webshop. Keep your lines in order.

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January 2015 - Ribcaps

Four different ribcaps models are now available in our online shop:

-> Jackson
-> Harris
-> Lenny
-> Palmer

January 2015 - Flugsau Apron ( frontal speedbag )

Flugsau developed an a little different speedbag which can be used while flying in an upright position.

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December 2014 - Flugsau Max Light

The new daypack made in Grafenort. Minimal weight and minimal pack volume with maximal life span. With 28-35 liters it fits ultraleicht-, speedflying- oder miniwing-equipments. Optionally, you can get the Max Light with ice pick or pole holding and in your desired size.

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December 2014 - New Packaging

As of now we send you your orders in the newly designed Flugsau packaging (all mounts, small items and parabelts). This looks good under the christmas tree even without wrapping :).

November 2014 - Gin Genie X-Alps

The new light weighted cocoon harness from Gin is here and available in our webshop. We also have a harness in the size ML ready for you to test.

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November 2014 - Gliderwear Calendar 2015

The new calendar from Gliderwear for the year 2015 is here and available in our shop.

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November 2014 - Skylotec grid 55 and grid 61

The super light helmets from Skylotec are now available in our shop. They weigh just 275g resp. 285g and are availabe in the colors violet (grid 55), orange and gray (grid 61).

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November 2014 - ASI ASI FlyNetFlyNet 3 and XC

The new compact varios are now availabe in our shop. They are perfect for cross country flying as well as for usage as a backup vario. The FlyNet XC with its integrated GPS can also be used as backup device for competition flying.

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Open Doors 2014November 2014 - Flugsau GoPro Universal Mount Pro

Flugsau's well-proven Univsersal Mount was completely revised. It is now available with the 360 Degrees Push To Turn Mount. For the new design ergonomy played a very important part. Which is why this new mount is unbeatable in terms of wearing comfort. We used only the best and most robust materials like a high-quality material from the car industry that was used for the inner padding. -> to the product

Flugsau Do It Your Way

December 2013 - Flugsau Parapoofys

A simple and convenient solution for pleasant paragliding in winter. Enjoy flying even with currently minus temperatures. No more cold and frozen fingers. Also ideal for long xc flights and soaringsessions at windy and cold spots.
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Flugsau Do It Your Way

December 2013 - Christmas Gift Flugsau Voucher

The ideal Christmas and Birthdaygift for paragliding pilots. Beautiful wooden gift voucher with Flugsau logo for CHF 100 -
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Flugsau Do It Your Way

October 2013 - Flugsau / AVA Sport G2 Base

The Flugsau / AVA Sport G2 is an acro harness which has a container on the back for mounting a parachute rescue or a base parachute as a second emergency in addition to the conventional rescue container under the seat. The parachute rescue / base parachute is activated by disconnecting the paraglider.
-> More informations and video

Flugsau Do It Your Way

October 2013 - Flugsau D-Bag

The Flugsau light D-Bag is available in a new version. You can carry this smart d-bag to everywhere with you because its small pack size... so you will not miss any spontaneous action more!

-> Link to the Flugsau D-Bag

Flugsau Do It Your Way

Oktober 2013 - Flugsau double handle brakes

The ultimate acro brake handle. Ideal for strong negative maneuvers or gliders with long braketravel.

 -> Link to Flugsau double handle brakes

Flugsau Do It Your Way

October 2013 - Flugsau Do It Your Way

You construct the camera mount for your GoPro exactly as you want it. All kind of shapes and joints can be realized with the 20 plastic parts.

 -> Link to Flugsau Do It Your Way

Flugsau Concertina

October 2013 - Flugsau Max

Reduce to the Max - the credo of our development led in this case literally to the Max. The lightweight backpack was designed for the X-Alps 2013 competitor Max Mittmann. Devoted to Max Mittmann, the lightweight backpack also accompanied Chrigel Maurer to the victory. -> Link zum Flugsau Max

Flugsau Concertina

September 2013 - Gliderwear 2014 Photo Calendar

The new 2014 Glider Wear Photo Calendars are now again available in 2 different versions as Wall Calendar (A3 format, spiral bound with mount) and desk calendar (21x15cm with plastic stand ). Until 15th October, the Calendars are available at Flugsau for a special price! -> Link to the calendars

Flugsau Concertina

September 2013 - Flugsau Vario Holder

Simple but clever leg holder for each Vario with screw mounting. Fits for example to: Skytraxx 2.0, all Aircotec Varios, all Flytec Varios and many more ...
-> Link to Flugsau Vario Holder

Flugsau Concertina

September 2013 - Flugsau Concertina Bag

Various customers repairs to many "far-east-produced" concertina bags have let us develop and establish a robust and durable conertina bag made in Switzerland. The focus is mainly in the use of high quality materials such as 8,6 mm thick YKK zipper, strong and durable fabrics and solid 40mm belt buckles. -> Link to Flugsau Concertina Bag

Airdesign Ride

September 2013 - Flugsau at 40. Coupe Icare in St. Hilaire

The legendary Coupe Icare in Saint Hilaire de Tuvet celebrates the 40th anniversary from 19th to 22 September and of course Flugsau takes place there too! You can find us at Pavilion Barish, F8. We look forward to your visit.

GoPro Magnet MountAugust 2013 - New Flugsau GoPro Magnetmount & Productvideo
We revised our thousands of times tested magnetic mount, ideal configurable for every application! In addition, the GoPro softcase is now also available as single item (Productlink). It can be used easily to realize more mounting options without effort! Also check out the new product video: (Videolink)

Flugsau Frontcontainer Juli 2013 - Won...Magic Eagle has landed!!!

We congratulate! Chrigel Maurer (SUI1) has won the X-Alps 2013 with an incredible distance to the runner-up. Martin Müller (SUI2) fought for 8th place and Max Mittmann (Ger3) is currently still 260km away from the goal. All these athletes participated the X-Alps 2013 with a Magic Eagle. The Magic Eagle is probably the lightest covered competition harness with integrated reserve container and EN certification. In the coming weeks, we will work out the Magic Eagle for the market with involvement the experiences of the X-Alps 2013. Stay tuned ...-> More about Magic Eagle

Flugsau Frontcontainer Juli 2013 - Chrigel Maurer Borat

The cooperation of Chrigel Maurer and Flugsau led to Borat - simple, compact and with the smallest pack size! 3 years of intensive development work was needed to elaborate on the technology as well as experienced data which finally enabled us to develop the Borat. 299g with EN certification
-> All Chrigel Maurer Products on Flugsau

Flugsau Frontcontainer

Juni 2013 - Flugsau Frontcontainer

The result of our efforts to develop a compact front container that clearly sets itself apart from previous models, is easy to use and includes the practical experience of countless rescue openings into the development phase.
-> Link to the product

April 2013 - Flytepark Nanovario

The Nanovario has only the half size of its predecessor Microvario. With its compact design and easy handling, the Nanovario is perfect for hike & fly, tandem-, Acro- and hike & fly pilots who dont want a complicated and bulky equipment.
-> Link to the product

März 2013 - VARIIS Carabinermount

With the VARIIS holder, varios, cameras, phones, tablet, etc. can be mounted stable and flexible directly to the carabiner.
-> Link to the product

Dezember 2012 - Webcam Grafenort & Büelen

We installed 2 new Webcams at our flying spot Büelen & Grafenort, Engelberg Valley.  -> webcam.flugsau.ch

Dezember 2012 - X-Dream Fly Distributor Switzerland

Flugsau is the official swiss distribution for X-Dream Fly Products. The new and light cross cap rescue parachute X-One is available in all sizes. 

-> More about X-Dream Fly
-> to the X-One cross cap rescue

November 2012 - GoPro Extension

New at Flugsau: The practical extension of the GoPro joint was originally developed for Basjumper & parachutists. Manufactured in Switzerland, solid plastic part.

September 2012 - Flugsau Quickpacker

The Flugsau Quick packer was developed and tested by Flugsau in collaboration with several professional tandem pilots. The result: a perfect quick packing bag as it has never exists before!

September 2012 - ASI FlyNet 2 Bluetooth Variometer

High precision Bluetooth Variometer designed to be connected to the FlyNet™ application on iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones.

August 2012 - New Flugsau Actioncam Magnetmount

We have revised our thousandfold proven magnetic holder! The new version can also be adjusted in angle without the use of a rigid tripod adapter.

Juli 2012 - Parabelt

The beautiful and solid belts with original Austrialpine Cobra buckle are available in various designs and sizes now. 

Juni 2012 - Flugsau Camera Mounts

Let your ideas run wild! The universal mount, foott mount, leg mount and the magnetic mount allows specific shooting perspectives without efforts, realized within seconds. 

April 2012 - Flugsau Cellpacker

With the Flugsau Cell packer we have answered to many request from paraglider pilots and can present a simply packing tool that combines the simplicity of the older generation packing method with an optimal protection for the new generation of wings.

April 2012 - Pay with Paypal or Creditcard in our Webshop

We offer Paypal or Creditcard payments in our webshop

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