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Innovative and unique Quick-Pack Bag for tandem and solo equipment

The Flugsau Quickpacker was developed and tested by Flugsau in collaboration with several professional tandem pilots. During more than a year, several prototypes were in circulation and many modifications and improvements were made. With the prototypes were realized more than 500 flights and packages until we found to the ideal solutions.

The following basic requirements were particularly important in the development phase:

  • as less movements as possible for stowing glider, harness and accessories.    
  • tuned for Power saving and fast approach to the needs of professional tandem pilots.
  • The pilot should minimize bend down and certainly never have to touch the floor with knees for the packing process.
  • All time ideal access to all accessories, harness, etc.
  • Gentle packing method and material for paraglider
  • Comfortable back system, also suitable for heavy and long climbs to the takeoff
  • Compact dimensions for car, cable car etc.
  • Compact pack size for a harness with a small storage

The result: a perfect and thoughtful fast packing bag as it has never exist before for to pack a complete tandem equipment in less then 3 minutes!


  • Various compression straps for comfortable volume and comfort
  • Comfortable and easy to wear with adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps
  • Horizontal compression for an ideal and enjoyable weight balance
  • Most settings and compressions are also possible to adjust during the use (wear the quickpacker)
  • Simple and sophisticated concept with an innovative magnetic snap closure for quick packing the glider without the need to "stuff" the glider into the bag like with usual quick packing bags
  • Special compartment to store the cord
  • Low pack size also suitable for harnesses with a small storage compartment
  • Designed very robust and durable design, for daily professional use

The standard version of the Quick Packers has a side pocket for a tablet computer or similar. In addition to the standard version, a special pocket for photo-rod can be selected. The photo-rod pocket also has a small zippered compartment for USB sticks, SD cards, business cards, etc. The additional pocket for the photo rod costs CHF 70.- extra. Please let us know the lenght of your photo rod if you order it.


Question: Does the Quickpacker also make sense for a normal solo Equipment?
Answer: Yes, definitely, the comfort was even tested with a mountain glider and light harness!

Question: Why does the Quick Packers costs CHF 360.- and not CHF 99.95?
Answer: The quick packer was developed and tested for over a year. During this phase, several prototypes have been manufactured and adjusted again...and this for a verry small market.
For to produce a Quickpacker, we are working many hours on it and also realize custom wishes.

Question: Can I get the Quick Packer as a dealer cheaper?
Answer: Unfortunately not, see above.

Question: What is the delivery time for a quick packer?
Answer: The quick packer is made by order, we dont make them on stock. delivery time is usually about 1 week.

Question: Can you integrate other special requests and wishes?
Answer: Sure, because the quick packer is made to order anyway, this is not a problem. Please ask for special wishes.

Contact for further information:, Tel 041 637 09 39

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