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Flugsau Pigi E-Light Plus


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The ultimate light-weight harness by Flugsau. Longliving and robust.

The Pigi E-Light is made for pilots who look for minimal weight, maximal comfort and the best handling. And that's what they can expect from the Pigi E-Light. Thanks to the adjustable leg straps it's also suitable for speed riding and ground handling. Thanks to its 3D cut and a new foam we were able to produce a one size harness that is unbeatable in matters of weight and comfort. The E-Light Plus has a removable Airbag and a back compartement with internal wallet compartement. The back compartement offers enough space for your backpack. In combination with the Pigi E-Light Plus we offer our new light backpacks. For a conventional light equipment with the Pigi E-Light Plus we recommend depending on your wing the 44l or 60l backpack.

The harness is entirely produced in Switzerland, the airbag is supplied.



1070g exkl. carabiners


Certified with 120kg 



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